Taylor-Plugg wire kit watercooled_deep spark plugg _36″ long Black

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8mm Pro Comp Universal Sets

All 8mm Pro Comp Wire Kits include: (2) 36″ leads w/ molded on plug boots & loose 180 degree Evo style coil boots & terms so you can cut & terminate to your required length.

Our 8mm Wire sets come in a variety of colors. The core is rated at 350 ohms/foot. These wires can be used with electronic or points ignitions. They are compatible with all Harley ignitions. If you have an aftermarket ignition, please check with manufacturer’s ohm requirement. For very high ohm ratings you can use our Carbon Core wire sets. For magnetos and points you can use our wire (metallic) core wire sets.

Core Option Notes:

Spiro Pro rating (available in all colors): 350 ohms/ft – to be used with electronic or point ignitions.

Carbon (available in black and red only) rating: 1000+ ohms/ft – to be used with electronic ignitions requiring high ohm rating.

Metallic (available in black, red & blue) – to be used with magnetos or point ignitions only.


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